Dream Works


Dream Works Ensemble plays a musical and visual composition for an ensemble of 8 musicians and 1 drawer/installation artist.

The composition is based on the dreams of each performers. It is a non-stop, one single piece of 50 minutes which contains several pieces. Each piece is a dream. Each dream is composed or structured to be improvised. 


‘Dream Works’ can have two meanings; work in its noun form such as; works of dreams but also in its verb form; dream works, it works to realize something, a desire as a psychoanalitic interpretation. 


I started to think about this project since I consider the dream as a psychic improvisation which derives from an unconscious composition. Dream is an improvisation itself. It is composed by disconnected images, sounds and events. 

The psyché improvises with the moments and structures from the past, it has a mystical and also absurd style to tell something about the subject, open to interpret and decrypt.


The improvisation on the other hand, works in a similar way. It happens instantly for the first and the last time and besides its aim to create a new thing, the improvisation is led by the repetitions and unconscious drives which are very much related to the improviser’s singularity. 

Dream Works Ensemble 



Anil Eraslan - cello, composition

Lena Czerniawska - drawing, live installation

Hannes Buder - guitar

Philippe Lemoine - tenor saxophone

Korhan Erel - electronics 

Grégoire Simon - viola      

Zeynep Kaya - voice

Antonio Borghini - doublebass

Rui Faustino - drums