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Anil Eraslan & Antonis Anissegos


Anil Eraslan - cello

Antonis Anissegos - piano

Since their meeting at a festival in 2015, Antonis Anissegos and Anil Eraslan played together in different bands and finally formed their duo in 2018. Immediately they sounded like an old and experienced duo, being able to create infinite number of different moods and very detailed complex structures with big ease. They feel every moment extremely comfortable with each other, taking every happening as a challenge to dive deeper. Their first duo album "Dark Matters" is released in september 2019 by the Potuguese label ‘Creative Sources’. It is a perfect testimony, which documents a live concert, keeping the original order of the pieces played without any edit.

New Album

'Dark Matters'

released in September 2019

by Creative Sources

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