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Sumru Ağıryürüyen - voice, mandolin

Şevket Akıncı - guitar, voice

Orçun Baştürk - synth, voice

Eda Er - synth, voice

Anıl Eraslan - cello, compositions

Volkan Ergen - percussion

Elif Canfeza Gündüz - kemençe

Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu - cello

Zeynep Kaya - voice, synth

Alper Maral - bass trombone

Merve Salgar - tanbur

Tolga Tüzün - piano

I share with you this album, the first step of a long-winded quest in which I strike connections

between dream, improvisation and film, both bringing together many creative voices in

Istanbul and imagining my own dream through a collective one. The music in this album

consists of my compositions inspired by the dreams that each of the musicians in this album



Furthermore, improvisations structured in different forms and recorded in different times and

places independently, are digitally joined and re-edited to evolve into a collage within a novel

composition. The recordings that were planned to be made in the Summer of 2020 were

deemed impossible to be made at the same time and place, due to the reasons we all know,

led to a quest for another form of cooperation and turned it into another kind of creative

process. Apart from the fact that the coordination of the recordings turned them into a digital

puzzle, there is another backdrop to this rapport. That is, as improvisers who know each

other well and already in contact in different groups, there are many common grounds

that our motivations meet, and a specifically ‘Istanbuler’ synergy emerges in our sounds and



Our sound journey through Istanbul will continue with a film to be completed in the coming

years. The fiction/documentary "Sound Dreams of İstanbul" which I write and direct is already

in pre-production. My eternal gratitude to my treasured friends who helped my enthusiasm

turn into collective joy and always accompanied me throughout this journey.


Recorded by Gökhan Deneç in Tarabya Cultural Academy, Sinan Sakızlı in Hayyam Studios,

Volkan Ergen, Eda Er, Zeynep Kaya, Orçun Baştürk at their homes in Istanbul, August 2020

Mixed by Alexis Baskind in Berlin, January 2022

Mastered by Burak Tamer in Istanbul, February 2022

Cover Art by Joel Grip

Graphic Design by Ezgi Keskinsoy

Released by Rumi Sounds, Berlin

Press : Citizen Jazz (french)

             Revue et Corrigée (french)

             BantMag (turkish)

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