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Grégory Dargent - oud, fx, direction

Anil Eraslan - cello, fx

Wassim Halal - percussion

Mathieu Pelletier - sound recording

Nicolas Lamatière - lights

Chloé Housseau - fresch touch - booking

Marc Chonier - presse FR

Coproducers - L'Assoce Pikante / Bisonbison / Metisse Music

Distribution : L’Autre Distribution

From February 13, 1960 to February 16, 1966, France carried out 17 nuclear tests on Algerian soil, with an overall intensity of about 37 times the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The matter here with H is not to work on traditional Algerian musics, but to play a long piece telling us one of the possible directions that these musics would have taken if Art itself would have been irradiated. This acoustic trio let itself be invaded by electronic effects, by pointillist touches, by successive layers, like a cloud of fine particles of Cesium 137 sticking to our skin.

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