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Yuki Saga & Anil Eraslan

Yuki Saga - guitar, voice

Anil Eraslan - cello, fx

After the first surprising concert in Berlin in 2017, the duo was created. 

One year after this encounter, a Japan tour was organized by Yuki Saga with 13 concerts in 4 cities including Tokyo,Osaka and Kyoto. 

Mr.Yoshida, one of the leading music producer, owner of “Chitei-Records”, a record label which is highly rated by progressive popular music lovers in Japan, recorded one of the performances of our tour. The album 'Shadows'  is released on 25th november 2018.

The music of the duo is fully improvised, it is poetic and tender, or, with a harsh noise and powerful sound at the same time.

If I Play My Ears / a film by Anil Eraslan

yuki&anil montage photo v2.jpg
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